Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Primary and Permanent Teeth Eruption Sequence

As a family practitioner, I am often asked when baby teeth and permanent teeth are supposed to erupt? There is of course no standard answer to this question as there is much variation from one patient to the next. Some kids are early and some are later and that is OK. The main concern during this transition is to keep the existing dentition healthy and to make sure that all teeth are at least accounted for.  When necessary a request for orthodontic consultation is recommended. I've also included the following eruption charts only as basic guidelines.



Primary Teeth Eruption Chart

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart

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  1. Orthodontic consultation is always recommended for any sorts of teeth eruptions. If patient can consult with an experienced orthodontist at the early stage of teeth eruption then the entire treatment procedure will be easier and shorter. I consulted with an orthodontist in Colorado Springs for my son to avoid any kinds of problems like tooth eruption, cross bites, severe overcrowding and many more.