Monday, November 1, 2010

Dental Care During the Holiday Season.

The holidays can be rough on daily dental and oral care habits. Frequent parties and snacking can constantly expose teeth to sugar and cavity-causing bacterial acids. Travels and overnight stays can disrupt daily brushing and flossing regimens. However, just because the holidays are here does not mean that one should give up on proper oral hygiene. With some preparedness, the festivities of the holidays can still be enjoyed without neglecting one's gums and teeth. Here are some important tips for a realistic dental care plan during the holiday season:
  1. Don't leave home without it. Whenever traveling to a friend or family's home, don't forget to pack a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss. Make sure to pack enough dental supplies should the meal extend into an overnight stay or even longer.
  2. Don't delay brushing/flossing. When festivities carry on for many hours and include multiple courses, it is easy to put off or neglect one's dental care. However, once the main course is finished and dessert has been served, it is a good time to excuse oneself to brush and floss. Even if the evening continues with drinks, the excessive sugars and acids that can damage teeth have been mostly cleared out of the mouth.
  3. Don't over-indulge in sweet cocktails and food. Not only can excessive sugars cause weight gain and other unhealthy affects, but they can also result in tooth decay. try to make healthier choices and remember moderation is the key!
  4. Don't forget about emergency dental contacts. Many dental offices close over the holidays. Be sure to ask your dentist when he is planning on taking a vacation and obtain some emergency dental contact phone numbers. One can never predict just when an emergency may occur.
  5. If you know that you need some treatment, don't put off dental work until after the holidays.  Doing so will probably make current dental issues worse. Likewise, it may lead to unnecessary toothaches during the time when one is supposed to be relaxing and having fun. Even if there are only a few days left until the big winter break, it is wise to take care of business first, so that there are no painful episodes later.
By following my advise, you will not be neglecting vital oral care during the holiday season. After all, smiling for photos, and tasting different holiday foods, would be difficult without healthy teeth and gums! 

Happy Holidays!

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