Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Human Connection

As a certified general practitioner and prosthodontist, I've been providing quality dental care for twenty two years. I love what I do and get a lot of satisfaction from helping people with their dental needs and wants. What I do is very detail oriented and quite often the outcome of a case depends on many technicalities. Things like a good preparation, a detailed impression, excellent lab work and many other nuances. When all these steps are done well, you end up with a highly satisfactory result.

However, through all these years I've come to realize that most important is that human connection between myself and the patient. Recently I completed a fairly sophisticated full mouth case. As usual we got a clinically excellent result. What made it so much more special was the rapport that had developed between myself and our patient. We had become more friends than doctor/patient and I found that this personal connection is much more gratifying than a purely clinical happy ending.

In conclusion I would add that the best possible scenario consists of both a clinically superior approach and a more emotional connection!