Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dental Resolutions

Here are some dental resolutions for the new year that will keep you healthy and problem free:

1- Brush twice a day for about 2 minutes at a time. Not 1 minute, 30 seconds or once a day. It really does take that long to clean the majority of all surfaces of the teeth in your mouth decently.
2- Floss once a day. Approximately 40% of your teeth are not being cleaned if you don't do it and a substantial percentage of cavities start in those areas.
3- Clean your tongue. I would say 95% of patients don't do this. A couple of quick swipes on the tongue is usually enough.
4- Reduce your intake of sugary foods. it will decrease the incidence of cavities, improve your blood sugar and health.
5- Drink more water, especially after staining drinks like coffee, tea and wine.
6- Regular maintenance appointments at least every 6 months. Seeing your Dentist/Hygienist for a checkup and cleaning is truly the dental version of the oil change. Prevention is always the best option.
7- Get things taken care of while they are small and don't procrastinate. Fairly minor issues easily become more severe if neglected. Dentistry operates on an exponential cost scale as things get more involved and complex. Getting a restoration that costs a few hundred dollars (and is usually covered by insurance) is much better for you and your finances than letting it turn into a multi-thousand dollar root canal/post&core/crown or implant.

I hope this is helpful and happy 2012!